Alex Vargas "Silent Treatment [Explicit]"
Album: superEGO
Genre: Pop
Moods: Ambient, Chill, Mellow, Passionate, Smooth, Melancholic
Andrea Bocelli "Con Te Partirò"
Andrea Bocelli
Album: Romanza
Genre: Pop
Moods: Ambient, Calm, Captivated, Uplifting, Melancholic
Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman "Time To Say Goodbye"
Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman
Album: Romanza
Genre: Pop
Moods: Epic, Love, Melancholic, Sad
Bangups "Va Va Voom"
Album: Candy Cigarettes
Genre: Rock
Moods: Adventure, Aggressive, Energetic, Erotic
BLND TGR "Last Train"
Album: Last Train - Single
Genre: Pop
Moods: Electronic, Hopeful, Romantic, Dramatic
Brandon Santini "What You Doing to Me"
Album: This Time Another Year
Genres: Blues, Rock
Moods: Attitude, Funky, Groovy, Jazzy, Rugged, Melancholic
Chef'Special "Amigo"
Album: Amigo
Genre: Alternative/Rock
Moods: Danceable, Friendship, Playful, Upbeat, Zany, Energetic
Coyle Girelli "Where's My Girl?"
Album: Where's My Girl? - Single
Genre: Rock
Moods: Desire, Longing, Mysterious, Sensual, Slow, Melancholic
Coyle Girelli "My Blue Heart"
Album: My Blue Heart - Single
Genres: Rock, slow
Moods: Dreamy, Hurt, Melancholic, Slow, Happy
Damian Marley "Upholstery"
Damian Marley
Album: Stony Hill
Genre: Reggae
Moods: Attraction, Bouncy, Confident, Danceable, Upbeat
Dan The Automator "Ganges A Go-Go"
Album: Bombay the Hard Way: Guns, Cars and Sitars
Genre: Pop
Moods: Danceable, Feel Good, Flirtatious, Playful, Retro, Happy
ELHAE "Needs [Explicit]"
Album: All Have Fallen
Genre: R&B
Moods: Ambience, Electronic, Groovy, Longing
Emmit Fenn "Where Have I Gone (feat. Charlotte)"
Emmit Fenn
Album: Where Have I Gone (feat. CHARLOTTE JANE) - Single
Genre: Pop
Moods: Electric, Emotional, Nostalgic, Yearning
Evan & Jaron "Crazy For This Girl"
Evan & Jaron
Album: Evan & Jaron
Genre: Pop
Moods: Energetic, Love, Loving, Romantic, Upbeat, Stressful
Fletcher "I Believe You"
Album: I Believe You - Single
Genre: Pop
Moods: Emotional, Encouraging, Relatable, Sad, Melancholic
G-Eazy "Drop (feat. Blac Youngsta & BlocBoy JB)"
Album: Drop (feat. Blac Youngsta & BlocBoy) - Single
Genre: Hip-Hop / Rap
Moods: Aggressive, Danceable, Rebellious
Gov't Mule "Banks Of The Deep End"
Gov't Mule
Album: The Deep End, Vol. 1
Genre: Rock
Moods: Aggressive, Flirtatious, Funky, Groovy, Rugged
Gov't Mule "Life On The Outside"
Gov't Mule
Album: The Deep End, Vol. 1
Genre: Rock
Moods: Funky, Groovy, Rugged, Fun
Hedley "Better Days"
Album: Cageless
Genre: Pop
Moods: Anthemic, Driving, Upbeat, Yearning, Calm
Iggy Azalea "Savior (feat. Quavo)"
Iggy Azalea
Genres: Hip-Hop / Rap, Pop
Moods: Danceable, Love, Recognizable Artist, Yearning, Energetic
Jason Derulo & David Guetta "Goodbye (feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William)"
Jason Derulo & David Guetta
Album: Goodbye (feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William) - Single
Genre: Pop
Moods: Attraction, Danceable, Funky Grooves, Happy, Upbeat
Keyshia Cole "She"
Keyshia Cole
Album: She - Single
Genre: R&B
Moods: Attraction, Dark, Sad, Relaxing
Laura Branigan "Gloria"
Laura Branigan
Album: Branigan
Genre: Pop
Moods: Anthemic, Danceable, Energetic, Fun, Party, Recognizable Song
Laura Branigan "Self Control"
Laura Branigan
Album: Self Control
Genre: Pop
Moods: Breezy, Driving, Epic, Happy
Miami Horror "Wild Motion"
Miami Horror
Album: All Possible Futures
Genre: Indie
Moods: Electric, Energetic, Happy, Lively
Mina "Nessuno"
Album: A Century Of Music (Un Secolo Di Musica) 1950 - 1959
Genre: Pop
Moods: Bouncy, Grooves, Loving, Positive
Mother Mother "Love Stuck"
Mother Mother
Album: Love Stuck - Single
Genre: Alternative/Rock
Moods: Desire, Feel Good, Upbeat
Parker Lane "3 AM"
Parker Lane
Album: P.L.A.Y.
Genres: Alternative, Folk
Moods: Ambient, Breezy, Communication, Desire, Flirtatious, Playful, Relaxing
Saint PHNX "King"
Album: King - Single
Genre: Rock
Moods: Confident, Determined, Empowered, Energetic
Sister Sparrow "Ghost"
Sister Sparrow
Album: Gold
Genre: Pop
Moods: Determined, Free, Happy, Triumphant, Upbeat, Relaxing
Six60 "Vibes"
Album: SIX60
Genre: Pop
Moods: Danceable, Desire, Fun, Funky, Soulful, Energetic
Slothrust "Double Down"
Album: The Pact
Genre: Alternative/Rock
Moods: Confident, Danceable, Rebellious, Energetic
Street Joy "Do A Thing"
Album: Do A Thing - Single
Genre: Pop
Moods: Danceable, Driving, Feel Good, Fun, Happy, Upbeat
Instrumental: Yes
Sunday "Only"
Album: Only - Single
Genre: Indie
Moods: Ambient, Dreamy, Electric, Futuristic, Groovy, Relaxing, Melancholic
Superorganism "Famous 2.0 (Dan the Automator on the Fader)"
Album: Famous 2.0 (Dan the Automator on the Fader) - Single
Genre: Alternative
Moods: Breezy, Dreamy, Fun, Relaxing
The Band Perry "Postcard from Paris"
The Band Perry
Album: The Band Perry - EP
Genre: Country
Moods: Dramatic, Energetic, Love
TOTEM "Aftertaste"
Album: Aftertaste - Single
Genre: Pop
Moods: Attraction, Desire, Flirtatious, Playful, Upbeat, Calm
Wednesday "Rendezvous"
Album: Rendezvous - Single
Genre: Pop
Moods: Chill, Desire, Sensual, Sexy, Slow, Melancholic
Weezer "Feels Like Summer"
Album: Pacific Daydream
Genre: Pop
Moods: Danceable, Fun, Upbeat, Uplifting
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